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iGNANT was invited by Thai Airways to go on a trip from Berlin to Bangkok.When we arrived we spent two days in Hua-Hin, a bathing resort in the province Prachuap Khiri Khan which is at the same time the summer residence of the royal family. Hua-Hin is approximately two hours away from Bagkok if you drive by car.

There we spent the day of our arrival on a solitary beach before we hit the food market which turns into a beautiful and typical Asian night market in the evening, expanding into the streets. The food that’s offered ranges from various rice and noodle dishes over typical fruits and vegetables to exotic specialities such as dried sea fruits as well as other animals and insects. Hua-Hin is also the perfect place to get to know the Thai culture and prepare for what’s about to come in the next couple of days.

Bangkok is a breathtaking city with a strong identity which is at the same time influenced by the Western World. Just as other metropolises, Bangkok is a city of contrasts with a strong appeal. We had a typical Thai-moment, stumbling into backpackers from all over the world in Khaosan Road. Here you’ll find a 400m long street with small restaurants, bars, hotels, tattoo studios and a vast assortment of Thai massages. To perpetuate the stereotype you should have some sticky rice with mango there and get a 30 minute foot massage.
We especially enjoyed the variety of plants and green in Thailand. On the streets you can find lots of beautiful motives featuring beautiful plants combined with the local architecture. Before I went on this trip I wasn’t quite sure which motif I’d focus on while taking pictures. Though in the end I collected a whole lot of photographs of plants and the sprawling nature. Some of the are shown above. You can find more over here.

We would like to thank Thai Airways, Dusit Thani Hotel, Kempinski and Banyan-Tree

All images © Marlen Mueller

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