Photographer Ozzie Hoppe usually lives and works in New York though he is currently based in India where he shoots beautiful photographs of impressive landscapes and people full of character. We asked him to take us with him for one day through the incomparable country. He introduces his life through the lens of his camera, bringing us close to the people and the beauty of a colorful India. Get to know Ozzie Hoppe, his work and his life in the Far East. You can follow his journey here on his blog. Enjoy.

[5:30am] Woken by my friend in the tall grass, I shake the cobwebs from a cold desert sleep with a pre-dawn walk into the valley below.

[6:30am] Return to eat and move on to the nearest town. Gridhar Singh, from a lifetime in the desert, can survive with almost nothing.

[7:30am] The phone rings within an empty land and I am struck with the irony of technology and rural life. As the sun begins to beat down, the shade calls.

[11:00am] Leave town to the next valley, hit the watering hole and talk some story.

[12:00am] Tea, lunch and effortless laughs.

[1:00pm] I depart to meet a folklore singer from the still existing Langa caste. Seated in a corner surrounded by a thin film of smoke, he methodically attends to his opium tea before we move on to join the Kalbelia gyspy tribe.

[3:30pm] Prem picks me up as we dodge and weave to the nearest city.

[4:30pm] I make my way into the hills, passing all ubiquitous elements, the sacred and urban dwelling cow, relentless desert dust and the ritual evening cricket.

[5:00pm] A return to my lodging, amidst the graceful driving and random encounters.

[6:00pm] The dust fills my lungs, too tired to read, I rest until night when I can no longer see my health fears within the particle filled air.

[8:00pm] Sleep is an arguable and philosophical term in a country that has a relentless and life loving energy. I hit the street and am immediately swept into an enthusiastic wedding coup.

[10:00pm] Electricity fails and my surrogate family member studies under the lamplight before the potential of looming silence.

All images © Ozzie Hoppe