Emptiness by Angélica García


Angélica García created these works around the topics of loneliness and emptiness. The pictures are not digitally manipulated, it’s all done by hand. Angélica takes a picture of her subject, prints it and treats it with her hands to transform it into a surreal, dreamy image before she takes a photo of the final result again.

Along with the series she wrote this: “Everyday I lose you… time, You are like water that slips away from me. Presence. Moment. Movement. How can I do to show how you run from me? How can I show that even if I freeze you, then you aren’t the same? How if I steal your essence, I don’t have you anyway? Strange presence… Emptiness.”

All images © Angélica García

Angélica García_art_01Angélica García_art_02Angélica García_art_03Angélica García_art_04Angélica García_art_05Angélica García_art_06
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