Hyperrealistic Braided Hairstyles By So Yoon Lym


Born in Seoul, South Korea, and grown up in the USA, the artist So Yoon Lym painted incredibly realistic, braided hairstyles for her series titled “The Dreamtime”.

The art project is inspired by the aboriginal stories and the history of origins. Fascinated by braided hairstyles, So Yoon Lym painted twenty of the realistic black and white portraits. Each braided pattern is a map of the ancient universe like valleys, mountains, forests, oceans, rivers and streams. These braided patterns are the language for the new aboriginal, and encourages viewers to change the way they look at the world. So Yoon Lym believes that her paintings represent a human connection, a lifeline that connects different generations of people who have practiced the same ritual.

All images © So Yoon Lym

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