Top 10 Kitchen Basics


We enjoy spending time in the kitchen, cooking dinner with good friends or bake christmas cookies on the weekends. If you feel the same way, you’ll definitely find use for these beautiful kitchen aids. Have fun with our Top 10 Kitchen Basics.

Vintage egg beater

This Vintage egg beater comes from France and is still fully functional. Although it is from back in the days and his modern colleagues outdistanced it long time ago, some of you might still find use for this old beauty. It is also doing well in a photoset.


Let It Snow mug

The ceramic mugs by Farizula are all jazzed up with some simple artwork and quotes that will brighten up your day. They are made from upcycled mugs and penned with dishwasher-safe ink.


Cutting Board

Get yourself one of these beautiful, sculptural and unique cutting boards. They are made from sustainably harvested birch. Hand-rubbed with organic olive oil, so it’s both food safe and easy to maintain. Each board is one-of-a-kind and handmade in a small studio in Woodstock, NY.


White ceramic mortar and pestle

If you are as much of a herb lover as we are you’ll find use for this white mortar and pestle in your kitchen. It is made of white ceramic. This one is a used version, it has some minor signs of usage and comes without chips or cracks.


Set of Porcelain Plates

This set of 5 plates is made to order. It takes the designer 4-6 weeks to handcraft them in Montreal. The collection is made in porcelain and colored shade to shade. Each of the plates has a different size so you’ll have a piece of suitable tablewear for any occasion.


Kitchen Tea Towel

Blue pinstriped linen towel – casual, practical and a simply beautiful kitchen staple. Each tea towel is sewn by hand. These will become softer and more absorbent with each use and washing. You can choose whether you would like a towel with fringed edge detailing or without.


Cookie Cutter

It’s that time again when we start baking christmas cookies at home and we can’t wait to have our kitchen smell like freshly baked dough. This cloud shaped cutter is perfect for our purpose and available in two sizes. For other forms, visit Printmeneer.


Grain Salt Cellar

This one is made in Oregon from solid ash with a natural finish that wears beautifully over time. Each piece has unique wood grain patterns and texture. Diagonal sloped bowl interior ensures salt gathers for a perfect pinch of salt. It was designed by Christopher Bleiler.


Kitchen Apron

Very suitable for everyone who tends to create a minor mess when cooking. A rustic style full kitchen apron made from handsome blue pinstripe ticking fabric, perfect for him or her. It features a fixed neck, long sashes, and two hip pockets to hold your phone, recipe card, tasting spoon, etc.


Bowl set in concrete

A handy set of minimalist, rustic concrete bowls from Kasten Concrete Works. They are handcrafted from a high grade concrete mixture then polished to an organic feel. These are high quality works of art featuring the warmth and beauty of hand cast concrete. Each bowl has unique textural characteristics that are enhanced through the finishing process. They are a very deep brown in color.


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