Haus am Weinberg


The architects of the UNStudio based in Amsterdam, Shanghai and Hong Kong designed in 2011 the single family house ‘Haus am Weinberg’ in Stuttgart, Germany. It is located in a setting that is at one hand rural, yet suburban. The location of the villa affords pastoral views of the stepped terraces of an ancient hillside vineyard on one side and cityscape vistas on the other.

The architects arranged a panoramic view over the city through large sized windows. Inside the winding staircase with open newel constitutes the centre of the house. The curve of the staircase is a defining element and runs like a golden thread through the hole interior. The ceiling high vitrifaction enlightens the rooms with bright daylight. Due to this the facade seems to be very light and open and the whole house is a homage to pure and modern architecture.

All images © Iwan Baan, Christian Richters

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