Sodae House


The SODAE-House by VMX Architects is a private island at an intersection of waterways, south of Amsterdam. It is one of the precious pieces of unspoiled polder landscape, left open just outside the city. It is the choice of this particular spot, which has dictated the character of the design.

The simple form of the house originates from the creative interpretation of the building regulations. By applying these rules in a different manner, a new and contemporary form was conceived. According to the principle of a bunker the house is placed as a massive object in the landscape, sunk into the grass. The house has three floors. The living room and kitchen are arranged in a loft-like space on the first floor, thereby profiting from the best views. The more intimate areas (bedrooms and bathrooms) are situated on the ground floor, orientated towards the garden on the backside. The basement contains an additional programme such as a fitness room and a home cinema.

All images © VMX Architects

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