some windy trees


With the photographic know-how, the right point of view and a good sense for the exceptional, it’s possible for snapped off trees in a lonely mountainous landscape to become great artwork. The work ‘Some Windy Trees’ by Vincent Delbrouck is a perfect example for this. The Belgium photographer is an uprising artist who works with a variety of practices, media and materials.

Regarding his work he explains, that he ‘always felt at home in this tropical imaginary and that the impermanence of life creates a profound joy, which he wants to share through photography with people and nature.’ ‘Some Windy Trees’ occurred in 2010 in his one year stay in Katmando, Nepal. Together with Daniel Piaggio Strandlund he founded the bookshop Wilderness in spring 2013. It publishes photobooks with shots from nature and journeys.

All images © Vincent Delbrouck

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