SAGA XI by Inka and Niklas


Inka and Niclas are a photographic duo based in Stockholm, Sweden. They started working together around 2008. The work SAGA XI evolved during a longer stay of the two in the northernmost parts of Norway. People from all over the world travel there to experience the midnight- sun which is basically a long sunset.

‘Seeing all those tourists standing quiet in awe or taking photographs we got interested in the almost spellbinding powers that lies within a sunset. So we started to work with the sunset, photographing it every night that summer. Looking for clues to the power we became fascinated in the spectrum of colors the sunset produces. Later on we started going around applying colors of that spectrum; red-pink-yellow-blue, using a simple on-camera flash; Trying to transfer that magic of the sunset on to various scenes and objects’

All images © Inka and Niclas

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