Flickr Friday


In the Sunday monotony, squats the city. Sweet-sour, undigested, chunks of anger slosh from somewhere and I have heard enough of your remaining silent, boldly I regurgitate myself into my paranoia: Woe does not crackle in plastic bags.

Text by Anna Töws

Image © Lesley Ann Ercolano

Image © Richard Outram

Image © Berta Vicente Salas

Image © Kevin Russ

Image © Nicolas Loiseau

Image © Iago Barreiro

Image © Melania Brescia

Image © Glenda G

Image © Nakayama Hiromitsu

E.YelselRichard Cwm IdwalB ertakevinrussmobileBirdyphageIago BarreiroMelania Bresciaglendaghnakamitsu
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