Flickr Friday


It is already time for another Flickr Friday. Days are passing by in the blink of an eye and we can’t wait to go home and have a cozy christmas with our loved ones.

I will most definitely stay in the bathtub for at least an entire day, until my hands are just as wrinkled as on picture No.1 by Federico Forlani. Have a great weekend and a nice 3rd Advent.

Image © Federico Forlani

Image © Elena Ayllon

Image © Brian Schultz

Image © Hudson Gardner

Image © Chad Siddall

Image © anan

Image © ILona Olkonen

Image © Katie Silvester

Image © Arnd

Image © Len Hurtado

Von Federico ForlaniVon Elena Ayllonbrian.r.schultzHudson Gardner1ChadSiddallVon anan.Von ilokiSCAN0014Von arndsan アーンド さんLen.-
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