Insta Fav #45: Rachel Ryle

Our Insta Fav #45 is Rachel Ryle, an illustrator and animator as well as Marketing Director for Ubooly. Rachel is our first Insta Fav who does mainly video. As soon as Instagram released the video feature she started experimenting. Every since she has found herself spending hours conceptualizing creative ways to push the needle and make moments of magic. She received a lot of support and attention for her animations, which made her even more excited to keep creating more. She says: ‘Spending hours per animation is worth the 15 seconds of joy it brings to each one of my followers. Their comments and support make me eager to keep creating more. I receive messages from families whose children are obsessed with ‘the lady who draws’, or students in Asia who sneak a peek during class to see what I created, or a girl in a hospital who has been daily checking my site for updates. It’s encouraging beyond words, and those are the people I create for.’

Follow: @rachelryle

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