Man on Earth

Time has stopped, there is no breeze, no distracting sound or noise, only footsteps are echoing from the surrounding walls. Rupert Venderwell’s photographs seem like carefully created, staged images or thoroughly choreographed scenes. With an incredible intuition for the moment, Vandervell’s pictures are snap shots of random passer byes. With his series ‘Man on Earth’ he aims at highlighting the dramatic contrast between the urban background and the small but important presence of human life, with its unique visual characteristics. The pictures are less about the environment they are taken in and more about the
‘human factor’ moving through it.
‘I wanted to portray a feeling of isolation and, though remaining distant from the subject, I wanted to intrude just a little on this solitude. In our crowded world, moments like these are becoming harder to imagine.’

All images © Rupert Venderwell