Süden – Villa Romana

Between 27th of August and 8th of September Deutsche Bank KunstHalle in Berlin will host a series of special events featuring film, lectures, music and performances that are revolving around one common topic: the Villa Romana.

Villa Romana was founded in 1905 to create a forum determined by artists and not dependent on the state which would offer a venue for all artistic forms of expression. The Villa Romana Fellowship served as an alternative to awards from state academies. Today the villa still serves as a forum for contemporary art, The Deutsche Bank has supported the house since the 1920’s. Every year, four visual artists who live in Germany receive grants to spend ten months in Florence. The Villa Romana Fellows for 2013 are set and will bring the south and the spirit of the villa to Berlin! Enjoy our exclusive preview of the winners. Also part of the event are: Kinkaleri, Jerzy Grotowski, Gianfranco Baruchello and Sophie Reinhold as well as Unmap and many more. Find all info to the event here.

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10117 Berlin
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Image © Philip Fleischer

Mariechen Danz many-sided work focuses on the conception of knowledge in all its facets. Its development and formation in different cultures, how it is conveyed, its supposed objectivity, and its use as an instrument of power are central themes in her drawings, sculptures, installations, performances, and music. The giant ‘Learning Cube’ is covered with illustrations of human organs, hands, pyramids, diagrams, letters, and graphic symbols, and it is encircled by footprints. In Danz’s work the human body is not only presented as the medium that first makes learning possible, but also as an object on which structures and systems are imposed.





Image © Shannon Bool

Shannon Bool works intensively with ideas of the feminine and the erotic. Everyday life, literature, psychology, music, and art history are the artist’s primary sources of inspiration. With her 24-part series ‘Horizontal Pouts’ Bool steers her artistic way between high culture and banality. Bool uses eBay to acquire diverse photographic views of beaches from all over the world without any people, which she then paints over. The isolated objects of desire are the pouts of contemporary celebrities: Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Dita von Teese, Penélope Cruz, placed on anonymous black-and-white photographs. Here longing and freedom encounter each other.





Image © Heide Hinrichs

Her body in combination with the architecture that surrounds it and the interactions and boundaries between them are central themes for Heide Hinrichs. She uses everyday materials and objects like paper, sound, wood, plaster, cardboard, fabric, balls, hoses, furniture, leather, and yarn. Hinrichs gives the assembled materials a new identity, relying on the experiential character of the installation in space. Her work is as much about the undefined, emptiness, and intervals as about the material.





Image © Anne Pöhlmann

Daniel Maier-Reimer’s work revolves around issues of the perception of urban and rural space. To this end he undertakes extensive journeys, mostly by foot, that follow topographically determined lines such as rivers or boarders. These expeditions last several months, during which he travels alone. For the presentation of his journey around Florence, in which he spent five days walking the city’s municipal boundary, he invited the American artist David Brooks. The visible result was a photograph, to which Brooks has added a sculpture that forms a space within the space.