A Ride through Toronto

iGNANT got invited by Mercedes Benz to test their new S-Class in Toronto. Since this was the first time for us in Canada we were excited to explore the city and get to know some lovely people across town.

We got introduced to the country by our friendly cab driver. He told us that there are only two seasons in Canada: the first is winter season, the second is construction season. He should be right and we never saw those many construction sites (and traffic jams) like in Toronto. Anyway we loved cruising through the city with this amazing vehicle under our feet and due to the American style of city planing it was quite easy for us to find our way.

Next to the common downtown area with some skyscrapers, mainstream shops and a mini ‘Time Square’ we knew that our place to be was somewhere around the Queen Street area. The street is stretching all the way from Downtown to the Outskirt neighborhoods and changes it’s mood from touristy shops to a very interesting and heterogeneous area with a lot of nice cafes, good food, bars and shops. Right in its middle is a hospital for mental illness and we liked how their clients are a natural part of the hip street life.
There is much to discover on this street but you should definitely check out the crossing streets all the way to Dundas avenue. On Dundas West you’ll find some very nice traditional / modern mixed furniture shops.

See the teaser of our short trip above and stay tuned for three more videos we made over there. Thanks to Mercedes Benz for inviting us.