May the Road Rise to Meet You


With her project, ‘May the Road Rise to Meet You’, photographer Sara Macel created a visual narrative, accompanying her father’s professional life as a telephone pole salesman.

In an attempt to understand her father, and the life he led for forty years apart from his family and their shared experiences, she explores the life of a businessman on the road, and further the changing nature of ‘the road’ in American culture and in the history of photography. With this series Sara Macel tells a story of a man, her father, in beautifully composed images, touching, colorful and full of life inviting the viewer into a very personal part of her story.
When asking her father how he dealt with all his customers, and he’s answering her with an old saying, that you don’t know someone until you walk a few miles in their moccasins, she realized: ‘It was in that spirit that I put myself in my father’s size 10 boots. What I found in chasing this enormously elusive male figure is that I can never fully know my father or what it is like to be a man alone on the road.’

All images © Sara Macel

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