Harry Holland’s series ‘Caprice’ are not surreal since that would involve a subversion of reality, and aren’t made up of pure fantasy, which is the replacement of one reality with another, but comprise elements of both. Slightly dark, with a magical glow, Holland creates strikingly weightless and beautiful paintings of nudes, with a great love of human bodies, combined with a passion for the techniques and the subjects of late 19th century paintings. Caprice means as much as ‘whimsical or playful’ – from the Italian ‘capriccio’ which originally referred to a feeling of horror causing the hair to stand on end, a common concept in musical discussions, pictorial art, music or literature. Harry Holland’s ‘Caprice’ gives a nod to classical mythology and treats that rich and familiar world with the same capriciousness as the everyday one. ‘Caprices are lighter hearted and take liberties with the reality we see every day, although sometimes darkly.’

All images © Harry Holland