Valencia Travel Guide

With a population of circa 809,000 people in its centre and 1.7 million in the metropolitan area Valencia has global city status and is Spain’s third largest city after Madrid and Barcelona. Since many large rice production farms are situated around the city it is no surprise that Spain’s traditional dish Paella originated in Valencia. You can enjoy different variations of it all around town. The city is made up of an interesting mix of buildings due to the marvelous old town which has leftover Roman structures and many buildings with traditional Islamic architecture as Valencia was part of Spain’s Muslim Kingdom during medieval times.

When you hear Spain, you think of Barcelona, Ibiza’s crazy party scene or maybe a torero striking down a bull during one of Madrid’s famous bullfights. However, not a lot of people would immediately associate Valencia with their first thoughts of Spain, which will probably change soon once more people discover how much Valencia has to offer. During our time there we had the chance to visit extraordinary restaurants and visit the city’s prime dining and accommodation spots.

We were also very fortunate that throughout our visit Cuina Oberta took place which literally translates to ‘open kitchen’ or ‘restaurant week’. Going into its fourth year, Cuina Oberta is a week where Valencia’s best restaurants offer exquisite tasting menus at an irresistible price.
Over its ten day duration Cuina Oberta, the city’s most renowned establishments show of their best culinary skills and you will find multiple course meals for the cost of 20,- EUR for lunch and 30,- EUR for dinner, drinks not included. In the recent edition of Cuina Oberta, Valencia’s four Michelin starred restaurants launched their menus for 35,- EUR at noon and 45,- EUR at night, also without drinks not included. Cuina Oberta is a unique opportunity to enjoy fine dining at an unbeatable price and made me want to get more into fine dining.

During our four day stay we got a chance to hit some of Valencias prime spots and got to know the city in a very special way; from restaurants to entertainment, from getting in touch with nature in the bordering national park Albufera to seeing the fascinating architectual masterpieces of the City of Arts and Sciences.

Join us in our little guide to Valencia.



Exploring Valencia by bike is your best option of getting to know the city. Do you bike offers competitive prices and guided tours through the dried out riverbeds that stretch along eight kilometers through the city.

Do You Bike
Tel: +34 969 374 024
Calle Mar 14 – Old Town Valencia, Spain




Café de Las Horas first opened its doors in 1994.
The concept combines the style of the classic turn of the century Spanish literary café, the Parisian, bohemian, and the English tea room with an American cocktail bar. All of this is enclosed in an extravagant, neo-baroque setting.
The result is a distinctly cosmopolitan atmosphere where an educated public with an international flair feels at home.
“We have allowed our personal tastes free reign and converted the Café de Las Horas into a multidisciplinary space where music, art and literary talks go hand in hand with drinks and festivity, all blended together by a healthy sense of humor”; says Marc Insanally, owner of the café.
Café de Las Horas hosts many events, such as live music (classical, jazz, tango, cabaret…), literary & philosophical talks or art auctions.
The bar has a great selection, including their specialty Aqua de Valencia, a tasty alcoholic beverage perfect for a hot summer day. The friendly staff and neo-baroque decoration are definitely one of a kind and worth a visit. If you’re lucky you might just run into Marc, who is in the café on a daily basis. Café de las Horas is a great place to visit during the day, enjoy one of their special events or stop by to start a great night in the lively streets of Valencia.

Café de las Horas
Conde De Almodovar 1
46003 Valencia, Spain




Owned by Stephen Anderson, the Seuxerea’s been serving a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine since 1996. The Seuxerea prides itself on offering high class dining with a personal touch. The UK born Anderson has called Valencia his home for quite a while now and his restaurant is well known beyond the city limits. Anderson’s personal story is almost as interesting as the different variations of dishes he serves. His father, born in the UK and his mother hails from Burma, Stephen Anderson brings an interesting mix to the table which is not only reflected in Seuxera´s menu, but is also evident on the restaurant’s walls where a selection of family photos hangs, each one with a story attached. With a great selection of local and international wines the Seuxerea is always a good pick for some great food and an interesting evening in good company.

Almodovar 4
46003 Valencia, Spain




Michelin starred chef Bernd Knöller invited us into his kitchen, to get a glimpse of his process. Knöller, who has lived in Valencia for almost two decades, and despite, of fame still takes care of the business himself, rides his bike to the local farmers market on a regular basis, purchasing the freshest ingredients ranging from fish to artichokes, in order to create his delicious nine course meals.
The service is outstanding and the food… the food is something you have to experience yourself. Every single course of the lavish nine courses was an explosion of senses. In between every other course Bernd peaked out of the kitchen to have a little chat and made us feel very welcome.

The Riff
Calle del Conde de Altea 18
46005 Valencia, Spain
+34 963 33 53 53




The La Mozaira is a traditional valencian farmers house which was converted into a remote refuge right outside of the buzzing streets of the city. Its fine cuisine and fabulous flair invite you to kick back and enjoy your holiday with a sense of style. Every room has its personal touch and was designed by interior designers as well as the owner. Each room is furnished in a different way, giving the guest many options to choose from.
The outside area includes a pool, which invites to jump in for a quick refreshment on a hot summers day.

Hotel La Mozaira
Camino del Magistre 50
46120 Alboraya
+34 96 185 09 24




An avantgarde place for culture and events designed by the famous architects Santiago Clatrava and Félix Candela. Walking through the grounds of the City of Arts and Sciences which besides the Oceanografic Aquarium also consits of the new Operahouse, the Hemispheric, which is an IMAX movie theatre and the Umbracle, which is an event space on a sunny day is an impressive sight and a very beautiful place to be. The grand architecture and the mere size of it is just mindblowing and it takes a while to take in.

City of Arts and Sciences
Autopista del Saler, 1A
46013 Valencia

Our four day stay in Valencia was a remarkable trip that will be remembered. It showed that Valencia has a lot more to offer besides its incredible beaches and is definitely worth a trip. With its flair Valencia definitely can be considered a global city on the come up which is just full of great architecture, food and open minded people that will always greet you with a warm hello.

Thank you Turismo Valencia for sending us to beautiful Valenzia. We’ll be back.

Pictures by Jermain Raffington · Text by Jermain Raffington & Liv Fleischhacker