Top 5 floor lamps

There are plenty of amazing, stunning or extraordinary lamp designs and we regularly stumble upon new lamps that make us smile, wonder or just start thinking. Such as these inspiring top 5 floor lamps.


Studio Job created Crane Lamp, a floor-standing piece 163cm high made from bronze that mimics the real thing through the use of miniature lights at the boom point and instead of a heavy load, the crane holds a small light with shade.




‘Waterdream’ by designer Oki Sato who is part of the Nendo team. His design is lamp and shower in one and as we were still wondering what that should be good for we already got our explanation. The lamp-shower or showering-lamp was designed for Axor, part of the german brand Hansgrohe which is creating bathroom furniture. Sato says he wanted the design to illustrate the future of what bathrooms could look like.




The Spot Lamp by Nir Meiri draws its inspiration from industrial images such as a crane, a spot light, or a street lamp – but at the same time plays with the impression of a gentler, even humble, character. The base is heavy, made of metal or concrete, which helps balance the lamp. The lamp shade is not fixed and can move freely to the sides, on the slight poll.




These stark white lamps by Kouichi Okamoto are made from sturdy iron plate, but their fluid shape reminds us more of that glass cup full of paint that we knocked over. Get it here.




Steve Faletti found a way to turn a radiator into an unusual lamp. The lamp features a series of lamp elements that are modeled after fluorescent U-bulbs.