Milan Is A Haunted City


When the Sicilian photographer Sergio Andretti first moved to Milan, the city felt to him like the ‘office’ of Italy, a place to work, maybe have a little fun and then work again. No heart, no poetry, just hands and numbers. Meanwhile, he sees Milan more as a middle aged classy woman: severe and posh but generous and captivating in her dramatic poses. Since he is under the impression that no one really lives in Milan but each citizen is just passing through like a ghost, his series ‘Milan Is A Haunted City’ is about the subtle fascination with this city. Only if you stop and listen to her heartbeat you can understand her beauty. Visually mixing concrete and flesh is Sergio Andretti’s way of showing how the buildings and streets of this city are not just a mere workplace, but also a reflection of the humanity that lives in it. This project wants to be a tribute to a dramatically beautiful but often misunderstood city and the people living in it.

All images © Sergio Andretti