The romantic-looking landscapes that Filippo Menielli uses in his artwork look as if they were cut from a painting. Quiet and beautiful. In these landscapes the Italian artist ignites colorful smoke bombs and creates a striking contrast to the peaceful landscape.

Minelli sets his goal on making the silence visible and that is exactly what makes his shots of smoke bombs so spectacular. It brings together media that could not be more different and yet harmonize that well. He manages to connect two profoundly different contents and juxtaposing them at the same time. Violence and beauty. For him it is a political statement. Filling the silence with a chaos diffusing medium. ‘Giving silence a physical shape to be aware of its presence in the age of information and communication technology. The result proves that beauty can be found in clashing visions with an approach and aesthetic similar to romanticism.’

All images © Filippo Menielli

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