Ken Hermann’s Explosion 2.0


“Explosion 2.0” is a personal project shot by Copenhagen based photographer Ken Hermann. The series is his second art project, showing photographs of explosions shot in mid-air. Provoking a simmering and hazardous excitement in the viewer, the explosive acts can come to life and stay crystallized in their most appealing state. For his second series, the explosions are made of different kind fireworks, all steered from a safe distance with a controller. Photographed with a studio flash strobe light, some of the fireworks are modified to look more theatrical. Ken Hermann’s pictures are pathways, connecting the viewer to micro worlds while encouraging us to rethink ideas of photographic representation. Passionate about individuals and their unique histories, the artist deals with the fragile balance between people and their environment, between tradition and modernity. Ken’s application of lighting, combining artificial with natural, takes the images into a surreal world, creating dreamlike visions.

All images © Ken Hermann

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