Colorful Surreal Scenes By Artist Lee Sol

Korean graphic artist Lee Sol creates surreal 3D-rendered scenes by combining classical sculpture iconography with modern design and architectural elements. Known as venusmansion on Instagram, the artist likes to feature vibrant pink sculptures in various costumes and situations as well as add a touch of humor to each scene. Sol’s work was recently featured in Vogue Korea.

Venusmansion_Art_2 Venusmansion_Art_6 Venusmansion_Art_8 Venusmansion_Art_7 Venusmansion_Art_35 Venusmansion_Art_10 Venusmansion_Art_3 Venusmansion_Art_1 Venusmansion_Art_5 Venusmansion_Art_4

All images © Lee Sol