Marija Strajnic


The blooming creative industry of Serbia, where it seems that has been a big amount of creative chaos lately, has given us one more photographic talent aka Marija Strajnic.

In a bid to reconnect her architecture knowledge to their photography landscape, Marija Strajnic´s work, delicate and raw in the same time, is a clear and effective reminder that we are never far from subtle emotions and chosen encounters. The Serbian photographer cleverly frames with an unusual perspective everyday life moments, which are trying to reveal some kind of truth about the world. In these series she tends to provoke emotional exaggerations to the viewer through metaphorical visual narratives. Finally, she enjoys putting photographs together into intimate stories on her website.

All images © Marija Strajnic

marija strajnic01marija strajnic02marija strajnic03marija strajnic04marija strajnic05marija strajnic06
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