One day in Saint Tropez

iGNANT was invited by Mercedes Benz to spend one beautiful spring day on a road trip from Marseilles to Saint Tropez. This is what happened in these short 24 hours.

[09:15] Take Off in Berlin Tegel Airport. I made a new record – Cab to Gate in 45 Seconds. Tegel Forever!

[10:25] I have to change planes in Munich. There I also meet all the other bloggers and journalists for our flight to Marseilles. Now it feels like a school trip.

[11:45] We get picked up in Marseilles by the lovely people of Mercedes and meet in the Mercedes Lounge for the Briefing and the selection of the cars. I team up with McWinkel of Whudat for our car.

[12:45] We are on the road! McWinkel takes the first stage and I am setting up the Multimedia System including free Wifi Router and djay us some groovy summer vibes for the trip.

[13:25] The weather couldn’t be any better and I enjoy the sun and the amazing coastline of the Provence.

[14:10] We arrive at Villa Madie in Cassis and have a nice seafood lunch with the best view on the Mediterranean Sea. Even though I will never get familiar with oysters.

[16:20] We are back on the road. Due to a traffic jam we shut down the Navigation system and I search for the route to St. Tropez Old School Style. And yes McWinkel – The sun always sets in the west ;)! Trust me!

[18:10] After some hours of driving I can say that I really like the new CLA. It’s a super slick car and feels great on the road. It’ s something like an entry-level car but with a high approach on design. If you are deep into car nerdism you should check out Jan or Jens to get more infos and specifications.

[19:30] We arrive in St. Tropez and check into the newly opened Hotel De Paris in the heart of the city. It’s just next to the old Louis de Funes Gendarmerie of “Le Gendarme de Saint Tropez”.

[20:50] After the press conference we have dinner and I have some drinks with other bloggers I know. It’s nice to meet some of them again after our last Mercedes Event in Los Angeles.

[22:50] We have to get up early tomorrow and I decide to say ‘Good Night’ to Winkel and the others.

[06:30] I have breakfast at the Rooftop of the Hotel and enjoy the morning sun. After my driving colleague McWinkel still needs some more time to get up, I decide to take a walk through Saint Tropez and see the infamous harbour.

[09:10] We are back on the road and this time it’s my turn to bring us back to Marseilles. I love the amazing Route they picked for us through the mountains of the Aix au Provence area.

[10:45] Short stop over at a beautiful wineyard for some typical french Crepes. We exchange CLA stories of our trip with the other journalists.

[12:15] We arrive at our last stop “Le Clos de la Violette” for lunch and see everyone again before we head back to Marseilles airport.

[13:20] We get a transfer to the Airport and fly back to Berlin. It was a fun trip and we say thanks to Mercedes Benz for the invitation. I was shortly before asking if I can drive back to Berlin instead of taking the plane…