Memphis Belle · Wellington

The people of New Zealand are nuts about coffee, so much that coffee nearly became a religion here in Wellington. I nearly couldn’t believe it, as I was told, that this little capital, considering its population size, has more cafés than Manhattan. You can choose between thousands off different sorts of coffee, first and foremost the ‘Flat White’ and ‘Long Black’, two of the most popular coffee drinks here in New Zealand. Knowing this, it wasn’t surprising that I ended up in one of these cafés and the guys of Memphis Belle Coffee House let me in on the magic of making good coffee. Dyed-in-the-wool baristas stand behind the desk of Memphis Belle and brew their hot goodness.

It’s said that you can get one of the best coffees of Wellington at Memphis Belle and as I entered the place I directly got this unpretentious Wellington-vibe. The skilled baristas show great passion for coffee and after an open and loving welcoming I was introduced to their black deliciousness. The guys and girls from the Memphis Belle are friendly and always up for some fun while they call themselves attractive coffee nerds with their stylish hairstyles and tattoos. You will feel this special quality, nerdiness and comedy about the place. With the old, mismatching furniture, the vintage coffee machine, retro pictures on the wall and good music in the ears, this café exudes a laid back atmosphere, where you would like to stay one or two coffees longer. They use unusual brewing techniques with names like syphon, Chemex and Swiss gold and every week you can choose another coffee from around the world with some sweet and spicy snacks.

Memphis Belle is the first coffee house of Flight Coffee, a young company that stands for fair trade, organic production and quality. They receive their coffee beans from their own farm in Colombia, with the beautiful name Helena and here in Wellington you can see the results of their hard work and taste the beans, which they watched grow, harvested, processed and roasted.

Thank you Shannon, Emma and the others from Tourism New Zealand and Air New Zealand.

Memphis Belle Coffee House · 38 Dixon Str, Te Aro · 6011 New Zealand

Opening hours:
Mo – Fr: 7am – 6pm · Sa: 9am – 6pm

Tel: +64 21 244 8852 · Mail: · Web: Memphis Belle Coffee House

Text & pictures by Anke Nunheim