Seana Gavin


Seana Gavin is a hand cut collage artist based in London. From dystopian bug ridden cityscapes, lush forests, and waterfalls, to little people and huge funguses, her fantasy landscapes are made from found photographic material and inspired by the supernatural, as well as Gavin’s own childhood spent in Woodstock, upstate New York.

In other words, Gavin is interested in different states of consciousness, where the rules of reality do not apply. Enthused by Twin Peaks and Hieronymus Bosch paintings, she creates unusual narratives contained by strange worlds forgotten in the flatten era we live in. Seana Gavin is a full time image-recycler, whose work is also a response to the overload of visual noise in the modern age. We came across her work at a quite early stage and yet we are so looking forward to seeing her grow as an artist.

All images © Seana Gavin

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