FROH! Morgen

Maybe you stumbled upon FROH! Magazin every now and then here on iGNANT. Since its launching four years ago, they are happy to try out new things and work around differnet topics that occupy our daily minds.

The magazine examines the complexity of topics like luxury or silence with a love for details and minimalistic design. The current issue number 9 is called ‘Morgen’. The editors get to the heart of the matter, ask questions about our future and the people that will live in it. Patchwork families, astronauts, visionaries, traditionalists, gold hunter and roboter maker. What lies ahead of us is just as diverse as we are and who wants to take a look in the future has to be imaginative or read the new FROH! You can purchase the current issue here for 10,00 EUR. The articles are written in German language.