Real Life Tetris

The Avant/Garde Diaries met designer Sigurd Larsen, who found his path in life relatively early on. ‘I played Lego into my teenage years,’ the Danish designer and architect recalls. ‘Even today I sometimes use Lego to make models.’ These days, however, he’s found more materials to turn his ideas into reality, and that also includes people. As an architect working with spaces, he was very inspired how Michael Johansson works with three-dimensional objects and almost turns them two-dimensional. Johansson is known for working with discarded objects, which he collects and methodically converts into sculptures. Sometimes the result is as small as a table, sometimes as big as a house. ‘Maybe you can call it real-life Tetris,’ Johansson says. ‘I take used objects because they kind of lived a life before I find them. By combining them I almost create a fake history that never happened.’

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