Bryan Nash Gill


Artist Bryan Nash Gill was born into a farming life. Early on he learned to experiment, improvise and get the most out of what was available.

The nature and trees around him have always been an creational source for him, not only are they beautiful from the outside at but also when you try to investigate a look inside. Gill found that things were more beautiful and complex inside than what was visible from the outside. Pattern, texture, color. ‘You’ll never know what you’re missing if you don’t find some way to get inside and look’ and that brought him closer to the gentle giants we live among. Gill used recycled lumber, covered it with ink and paper and pressed and scratched the wood pattern on the paper with his fingers. When Gill is working with wood, he is not fighting it but he is going with it. He is printing over a period of time and you can see and feel the slight changes in the texture or mushrooms growing on it. For him, his process is very organic and it just comes to him while working. Its engagement is to understand his place in this world in this time, which he has to participate as a record of his connection to it. In his prints you can see the natural beauty of the earth and its plants and creatures and the natural unique fingerprints and stories they tell in their texture, if you just listen carefully.

All images © Bryan Nash Gill | Via: Radiolab

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