The Blurred Image Of Humanity By Jesùs Leguizamo


A young artist from Bogotà, Colombia, Jesùs Leguizamo explores the human fragility through his blurry paintings, asking about what defines the human being. In a series of expressive paintings, Leguizamo erases and blurs some of the most principal parts of the human body to deform his subjects’ identity.  “I feel the urge to eliminate what I pictured,” he says. This dramatic action results in compelling portraits, reminiscent of memories and old photographs, marked by the passing time. Through his work, Leguizamo explores both the human identity and the possibilities to express it through the medium of paint. Speaking about his work, the artist states: “These paintings represent the distortion of the body. I feel the urge to eliminate what I pictured. The need to erase the essence of the individual in the picture is the need to deny their humanity.”

All images © Jesùs Leguizamo
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