‘West’ is one of Björn Árnason’s great series all shot in Iceland but totally different to each other. This series was done in January in a small part of Vestfirðir in Iceland over 3 or 4 days.

In his words: ‘When everything is covered in snow, everything is so clean and peaceful and I really like that atmosphere’. West is trying to get the most out of this specific area and by applying the rule of thirds his pictures have a very calm and pleasant atmosphere. Being left alone with the expanse of icelands landscapes, just snow, wind and air around you. When he is driving around in his car, something in land or cityscape sticks in his mind and he cant get it out of his head until he has gone there again and photographed it. Would be great to go back to Iceland and feel the cold air on my skin.

All images © Björn Árnason | Via: MindSpárkle Magazine

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