Le Cercle Fermé


The notion of space is central to understand ‘Le Cercle Fermé’ by Martine Feipel and Jean Beachameil. It’s about the obvious necessity of finding a new type of space while going beyond the physiological limits of our perception and the limit of space as a result of our traditions.

In the wake of the philosophy of Jaques Derrida they opened a space at the very heart of the former space, like a little pocket hidden insight the old meaning of limit. The recreation of a new space always implies the destruction of an instituiton. We live in a period of mutation – with the ecological crisis and the crisis of civilization – in which past models of orientation and action no longer work. This is where their work picks up and therefor it’s urgent to consider any reflection on the question of space as a work of civilization, as a remodeling of everyday life. ‘Le Cercle Fermé’ comprise as much philosophy, society, art history as well as innovative and beautiful design, which let us question our entrenched ways of thinking and unmask them as a subjective concept of our world. The well known constants in our live are declared null and void in their works and leave us alone with self-doubts. For the artist couple perfection is something you cannot trust in, since the artificial regime humans created can be destroyed in every single moment.

All images © Feipel Bechameil

Feipel Bechameil_001Feipel Bechameil_002Feipel Bechameil_003Feipel Bechameil_005Feipel Bechameil_004Feipel Bechameil_006Feipel Bechameil_007Feipel Bechameil_008Feipel Bechameil_009Feipel Bechameil_010Feipel Bechameil_011Feipel Bechameil_012Feipel Bechameil_013Feipel Bechameil_014
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