Jose Romussi


Chilean artist Jose Romussi studied landscape design but became famous with silk prints and collages over the past years.
Romussi takes vintage black & white photographs and saw over some colorful thread adding a playful touch to the frozen postures of the models. He is especially attracted by dancers and ballerinas that seem very sensual but inaccessible at the same time.

Romussi is usind the dynamic in each picture, working over it with needle and thread, creating somethin new out of the old, bringing the old costumes of the dancers back alive. His works are an esthetic invitation to dream away.

All images © Jose Romussi

Jose Romussi01Jose Romussi02Jose Romussi03Jose Romussi04Jose Romussi05Jose Romussi06Jose Romussi07Jose Romussi08Jose Romussi09Jose Romussi10Jose Romussi11
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