A Trip Through Lapland

Based in Jerusalem, Israel, Ran Benazra is a twenty-five-year-old designer and artist. Benazra’s background influences his photography while traveling. With an eye for aesthetics, he captured the following landscapes of Swedish Lapland on expired film.

Says Benazra about the trip: “I was born in the desert, in a small town in the southern part of Israel. I spent most of my life surrounded by bone dry air, rainless winters, unbearable heat waves, dust storms and scorching hot summer days. In a way, I think this might be the reason I am drawn to northern countries where in the past couple of years I had the opportunity to spend my summers.

Last year I visited magnificent Iceland, hiked the Laugavegurinn trail and toured the whole island with a rental car. This year, I looked for a different kind of landscape and perhaps more of a challenge so I hiked the northern section of Kungsleden, the famous King’s Trail in Swedish Lapland. I spent nine days immersed in Lapland’s ever-changing scenery, flora and fauna, disconnected from everything civilized – just me and Mother Earth. The spring was late to come this year so frozen streams and lakes, ice-covered mountain passes and slippery rocky terrain replaced the green valleys and paths. I had a bit of luck and for the most part, the weather was bright and sunny. The light reflected beautifully from the still frozen ground and I think my handy Olympus Mju-II captured it pretty well.

As a designer, I try to find the core aesthetics of each place I get to visit, and translate it into visual and design projects. Swedish Lapland definitely had an impact on me, I’m still going through all the pictures, sketches and memories I collected along the hike to find the elusive essence of this journey and place for my next project.”

All images © Ran Benazra