Women Farmers of Appalachia By Austin Ledzian

With the series ‘Women Farmers of Appalachia’ Joe Mrava and Austin Ledzian follow five women farmers, weathered in their ways but abundant in their knowledge and stories. Though the number of female farm operators has nearly tripled in the past three decades, the male-dominated perception of agriculture pervades. This project challenges those gender stereotypes head-on.

2017-07-17_596c25cb8bbd6_CalfsintheBarn.jpg 2017-07-17_596c25cb8bcab_RenainPen.jpg 2017-07-17_596c25cb8bc46_RenainfrontofFeed.jpg 2017-07-17_596c25cb8bd70_Shovels.jpg 2017-07-17_596c25cb8bd0e_SallyJodi.jpg 2017-07-17_596c25cb8bdd2_WestFarmHighTunnel.jpg