Weightless By Anastasia Korosteleva

‘Weightless’ by Anastasia Korosteleva is a series of portraits of Maldivian girls floating on the surface of the Indian ocean. It explores the bright identities of a nation that is under the threat of disappearance. The Maldives are expected to be swallowed by water. If the sea-level rises with the same pace, the islands will be wiped off the map by the end of this century.

2017-04-10_58eb27e7d8ef9_8.jpg 2017-04-10_58eb27e7d8f8b_6.jpg 2017-04-10_58eb27e7d8ff8_5.jpg 2017-04-10_58eb27e7d905f_32.jpg 2017-04-10_58eb27e7d90c6_23.jpg 2017-04-10_58eb27e7d912a_13.jpg