Vanishing Street Art 4D By Rainer Jacob

The submitted works show objects made of ice that Rainer Jacob places anonymously in public space. The objects are mostly radiators, made of ice. “Vanishing Street Art 4D”, whose aesthetics emerge from the contrast of hot and cold, evoking associations with energy waste and global warming.

2017-12-21_5a3bc0394ebb7_01radiator041014ice 2017-12-21_5a3bc0394ec34_02radiator200414iceleipzig 2017-12-21_5a3bc0394ec98_03radiator241216icelouvre 2017-12-21_5a3bc0394ecef_04radiator241216icelouvre 2017-12-21_5a3bc0394ed3b_05fountain240416iceleipzig 2017-12-21_5a3bc0394ed86_06qr-codeicecubesleipzig