Urban Geometry By Charles Brabin

The built environment is replete with repeating motifs, lines, contrasts, and textures; patterns are everywhere, set in brick, steel, stone, concrete and glass. For Charles Brabin, these patterns provide an endless source of inspiration, ever-present, yet always different, changing with the conditions, patiently waiting to be found and, in some cases, perhaps never noticed before. Working in black and white, focussing on these elements of our surroundings, he tries to bring out the intrinsic, almost mathematical, beauty of the urban world.

2017-07-16_596b73434a223_BollardsandOfficeWorkerLondon-CharlesBrabin.jpg 2017-07-16_596b73434a293_HandrailChelseaBridgeLondon-CharlesBrabin.jpg 2017-07-16_596b73434a2fb_LampsIOuchySwitzerland-CharlesBrabin.jpg 2017-07-16_596b73434a360_LauderdaleTowerBarbicanLondon-CharlesBrabin.jpg 2017-07-16_596b73434a428_WindowsXLVIIILondon-CharlesBrabin.jpg 2017-07-16_596b73434a3c5_LondonRooftops-CharlesBrabin.jpg