Study of Dimensional Travels By Marie Heléne Boone

Renowned photographer Cary Fagan and fine art sculptor Marie Heléne Boone , came together to create a visual narrative. This series of sculptures and photos takes the viewer to an in-between state. Where the world beyond the deserted lands is a mystery until one passes through a doorway. “Study of Dimensional Travels” was captured in a desert landscape so the traveler or viewer gets a sense of purgatory, where their destination is unknown.

2017-08-16_5994a847b8831_PRAYINGFORANEND-TheSoundsoftheMiddleEast1.jpg 2017-08-16_5994a847b87cf_EXODUSinstallation.jpg 2017-08-16_5994a847b876d_EMBRYO2.jpg 2017-08-16_5994a847b8703_1040565-R1-057-27.jpg 2017-08-16_5994a847b88ef_VATTENDORR360B.C.jpg 2017-08-16_5994a847b8890_PROTOTYPE11.jpg