Skinny Paths

I am a french artist based in Belgium. I live in a small town on the edge of a forest. I started taking pictures without really knowing why. I kept trying to build a story. On the way to the narration, I met the riddle. My photographs are drifting on the wave of what is called the symbolic. My work is influenced by the so-called popular beliefs. These beliefs reflect our relationship with nature and its influence on us. These beliefs create an intimacy, desired or endured, with our environment and our loved ones.

2015-12-10_5669d54125dd0_ClaudeRouyer-3616.jpg 2015-12-10_5669d54125d53_ClaudeRouyer-3606.jpg 2015-12-10_5669d54125ce0_ClaudeRouyer-2717.jpg 2015-12-10_5669d54125c5d_ClaudeRouyer-2079.jpg 2015-12-10_5669d54125ebd_ClaudeRouyer-4025.jpg 2015-12-10_5669d54125e4d_ClaudeRouyer-4007.jpg