Shape of Form

Shape of Form is a visual narrative, within which one discovers photography as a tool for drawing space – frequently also by means of light. The unusual vantage points lead to the derealization of locations, transforming them into a world existing somewhere over the other side of the mirror. Each of the depicted moments has been “hunted down” with precision, as if the mysterious portal to the fourth dimension had been opened only at that very instance. The minimal, black-and-white photographs present peculiarly, yet consciously framed elements of reality: mostly architecture, perceived both from the outdoor as well as the indoor perspective. Due to the fragmentation of the particular motifs and through focusing on selected details, the images seem almost abstract; they manifest visual logic and compositional rhythms. Thus, the photographs become autonomous from the reality that constituted their source of origin.

Shape of Form Shape of Form Shape of Form Shape of Form Shape of Form Shape of Form