Scotopiques Visions By Charlotte Mano

At night, in the noise of pixels, the bodies always exist but their demonstration seems altered, uncertain, on boundary of the loss. The ambivalence of their appearance and disappearance testifies of a hypersensitive humanity where the spectator has to forget a sterile one reference meaning and accept that the complete darkness is the catalyst of a new imaginary approach and poetic. In these scotopiques visions materials is mixing and answer to each others so well that we get lost in material of the body, of the night, of the image. We are here, exploring these spectres in the “process of their faint” (Régis Durand), imagining a meeting, perceiving an absence. So we go into a sensual relation with the image: The constraint of the visibility obliges “to decipher” the other one, “to see” him, in its fragile presence.

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