Sale Grosso / Piero Percoco

«The concept of familiarity to the land of Puglia, and the sense of belonging to its sea and cliffs, oozes from the series ‘Sale Grosso’ by Piero Percoco. His work calibrates perfectly a loving irony and a biting satire. At the sea the physical ‘defects’ are exposed to the sunlight and Percoco has chosen to showcase abundant hips and fatty shapes with a gentle smile. The daily ‘ménage’ of the holiday in the sun is told by highlighting quirks to distort reality almost as in a joke. This is allowed in a family. The place described by Percoco – its streets, its rocky promontories, and cliffs used as springboards – is like a house, with its welcoming and protective spirit. Everyone, at home, feel free to show, to act in full nature. It is precisely through a glance free from preconceptions that the series ‘Sale Grosso’ observes the extended family of Puglia».

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