Illustrations By Jana Medina

Jana Medina studied Ilustration at Escola d’Art i superior de​ ​Disseny Pau Gargallo (Barcelona) and the Art Academy of Latvia (Riga). Currently established in the​ ​fashion graphic design sector, she has never stopped drawing and painting independently, being always nourished by two sources: the organic, born from her most intimate and personal self, represented by hand made strokes; and also the inanimate, regarding cultural symbols, the representation of urban tribes, the streets or fashion.

2017-10-12_59df1f87d271d_BRAID2 2017-10-12_59df1f87d285a_RussianGirlGRANDE22 2017-10-12_59df1f87d2812_KOREANPROTEAS2 2017-10-12_59df1f87d27c9_FRUITS2 2017-10-12_59df1f87d276c_FREECKLES2 2017-10-12_59df1f87d28a2_SAMURAI2