Gestures By Brandy Eve Allen

“While harnessing and embracing a lack of predictability, I’m orchestrating composition through thoughtful execution that relies on serendipitous integration. There is a conversation steeped in matriarchal symbolism, from empathy, to intuition and culminating with strong depictions of hallucination, magic, wonder and an infinite reality characterized by what ought to be, rather than what is. By relinquishing any sense of measurement or likeness to reality, I’m given free range to seize the unknown through the sensual rather than factual.”

2016-11-20_583133cfd570b_1241-008.jpg 2016-11-20_583133cfd57e4_1325-022.jpg 2016-11-20_583133cfd577b_1325-011copy.jpg 2016-11-20_583133cfd58b3_1329-007.jpg 2016-11-20_583133cfd584d_1329-002.jpg 2016-11-20_583133cfd5917_1329-010.jpg