George The Boy

“George The Boy” by Fan Wu, a photographer based in Hong Kong and New York: “This is the beginning of a portrait series I started working on recently. George and I met during my visit in Shanghai this past week and right away I thought about taking some pictures of him in a very intimate and calm kind of way. We spent 2 hours talking about Shanghai while shooting in an Airbnb apartment of a mutual friend. Everything is spontaneous and free like an open door into the intimate world of this boy and his emotions.”

2016-04-18_571522b77e55d_1george_fanwu.jpg 2016-04-18_571522b77e5c7_2george_fanwu.jpg 2016-04-18_571522b77e68a_4george_fanwu.jpg 2016-04-18_571522b77e62a_3george_fanwu.jpg 2016-04-18_571522b77e6e9_6george_fanwu.jpg 2016-04-18_571522b77e747_7george_fanwu.jpg