Every Day

Hello My name is Omri shomer, Im a street photographer, 34 years old, based in israel. recently married to Tamar, and a father of Noam,my daughter. I started to take photographs at age 13, both stills and video. my love story with the camera began when his father bought an 8mm video camera, and he became obsessed with documenting everything. At the same time I took stills photos with a 35mm pocket camera too I have been working as a copywriter in advertising agencies for 7 years. But I reached a stage where he was missing something. Through my work with the art director, I had more and more contact with visual concepts, and this, in turn, stimulated me to photograph in a more conscious fashion After seven years, in which I only wrote and was under the sort of intense pressure that only an advertising agency can create, I have had enough of writing.

Every Day Every Day Every Day Every Day Every Day