Encuadre By Martín Castro

The series ‘Encuadre’ by Martín Castro is the result of an obsession with abandoned structures in isolated places and several bike trips along the Uruguayan countryside. The meaning of a window is explored not but its functional characteristics but for its capacity to appropriate and frame an exuberant natural landscape. It’s very common to find in this places -that once served as a home for someone- a lot of living creatures from cows and sheeps to tiny fungus dominating the house.

2017-08-19_599855f796721_1.jpg 2017-08-19_599855f79678c_2.jpg 2017-08-19_599855f7968b2_5.jpg 2017-08-19_599855f796852_4.jpg 2017-08-19_599855f7967f0_3.jpg 2017-08-19_599855f796912_6.jpg