Dreamy World

Photographer Kimberley Dhollander was born in Sint-Niklaas but is currently based in Antwerp. She has a knack for spotting beauty in simplicity and often plays with pastel color, simple patterns and shapes. Her photography is not merely stills but fragments of visual poetry in everyday life.

2016-06-28_577293b3b95f6_DSC02180-1.JPG 2016-06-28_577293b3b9581_1.jpg 2016-06-28_577293b3b979c_DSC00697.jpg 2016-06-28_577293b3b9737_jaja.jpg 2016-06-28_577293b3b96cf_DSC08938.jpg 2016-06-28_577293b3b9666_DSC08121.jpg